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Housing Project Manager: Directs operations of housing project to provide low-income or military families, welfare recipients, or other eligible individuals with furnished or unfurnished housing in single or multiunit dwellings or house trailers: Develops and implements plans for administration of housing project and procedures for making housing assignments. Reviews occupancy reports to ensure that applications, selection of tenants and assignment of dwelling units are in accordance with rules and regulations. Conducts surveys of local rental rates and participates in setting of rental rates according to occupants’ income and accommodation requirements. Prepares operational budget requests and receives accounts for and disburses funds. Conducts analyses of management and maintenance costs to determine areas where cost reductions can be effected. Plans long range schedule of major repairs on units, for example reroofing or painting exterior of dwellings. Studies housing demands occupancy and turnover rates and accommodation requirements of applicants to recommend policy and physical requirement changes. Promotes harmonious relations among tenants, housing project personnel, and persons of the community. Directs work activities of office and clerical staff in processing applications, collecting of rents and accounting for monies collected, and assigns building and grounds maintenance personnel to specific duties. Requisitions furnishings and furniture for housing units. May also direct activities of other management personnel in housing project having commercial shops, concessions, theater, library, and recreational facilities. May also refer applicants to private housing if all available units are occupied or if accommodation requirements are inadequate.

Job industry: professional industry

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