Sliver Lap Machine Tender: A description for the sliver lap machine tender job

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Sliver Lap Machine Tender – Carding doubler, lap regulator, lap-winding-machine operator Tends machines which combine strands of sliver (usually 12 or more) into lap II and winds sliver into rolls: Pulls cans of sliver to creeling position. Threads ends of sliver through guides, stop-motion device, and rolls, and onto takeup pin, or attaches end to preceding end by overlapping and twisting sliver with fingers. Patrols machine area to detect exhausted ends and observe lights indicating machine stoppage caused by sliver break. Pieces up broken ends. Removes lap and replaces empty pins. May also depress pedal to raise roll of lap for doffing or loosen holders by hand. May also tend combers [COMBER TENDER (textile industry) 680.685-118], ribbon lappers [RIBBON-LAP-MACHINE TENDER (textile industry) 680.685-086], or drawing frames [DRAWING-FRAME TENDER (textile industry) 680.685-038].

Job industry: textile industry

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