Recovery Operator: A description for the recovery operator job

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Recovery Operator: Operates rotary kiln, ball mill and conveying equipment to recover soluble soda and alumina from waste materials: Moves lever and switch controls to start and regulate rotation speed of kiln. Moves controls to maintain specified temperatures throughout kiln and feed rate of kiln. Catches samples of slurry clinker from kiln, and observes discharge of slurry at sample points to ensure specified burning. Moves controls of cooling air fan, cooler exhaust fan, and air dampers to adjust temperature of grate cooler and airflows to burners. Moves controls and adjusts feed valves to start conveyor and bucket elevator system and to transport calcined clinker, bauxite, and soda ash into ball mill. Regulates valves and pumps to transfer slurry from ball mill into digestion tanks and to supply water to kiln trunnions and water-cooled bearings. Keeps operating log. Replaces charts in automatic recording devices.

Job industry: smelting

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