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Tank House Operator: Controls equipment to purify copper by electrorefining: Signals MONORAIL CRANE OPERATOR (industry) to lower impure copper anodes into tank filled with electrolyte. Immerses copper starter sheets (cathodes) into tank. Passes steel rod between electrodes to break off lumps which might cause short circuit and to verify specified clearance between electrodes. Examines, cleans, and tightens electrical connections, using steel wool and handtools. Turns on electrical current, and verifies voltage, using voltmeter. Measures density of electrolyte, using hydrometer. Observes deposition of copper on cathodes, and signals MONORAIL CRANE OPERATOR (industry) to remove coated cathodes and depleted anodes from tank after specified time. Inspects tanks for defects, for example loose connections, leaks, deteriorated suspension bars and fittings, clogged floats, and drainage connections. Repairs or replaces parts, or notifies maintenance department. May also cover lead sheets with primary coat of copper to make cathodes and be designated Starting-Sheet-Tank Operator (smelting). May also operate equipment that purifies copper through electrolysis without anodes and be designated Electro-Winning Operator (smelting).

Job industry: smelting

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