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Raw Sampler: Sample carrier Collects and prepares laboratory samples of metal-bearing ores, refined metals, and other materials, for example coke, cryolite, slag, scrap, or flue dust, by any combination of following methods: (a) Collects samples of crushed ore, concentrates, or other material from conveyors, storage bins, carloads, or refining equipment, using sample containers or diverting mechanisms on conveyors or chutes. Grinds materials, using grinder mill. Weighs, dries, and reweighs material, using scales and oven, and computes moisture content. Sifts material through screen to remove oversized particles. Places sample in labeled containers, flasks, or bags for laboratory analysis. (b) Takes samples of molten metal from furnaces or casting stations, using ladle and wafer mold. Stamps or marks identifying information on cast wafer for delivery to laboratory. (c) Cuts samples of metal sheet or plate, using shears or punch. Saws sample sections from metal castings, plate, or rod for metallurgical analysis, using circular saw. Smooths cut surfaces of metal with grinder and sandpaper. Etches samples in acid to expose crystalline structure for spectrographic analysis. Drills holes in castings to obtain shavings for laboratory analysis. Stamps or labels samples for identification.

Job industry: smelting

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