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Column Precaster – Performs any combination of following duties regarding to making concrete columns to be used as wall panel and ceiling supports in concrete buildings: Cleans forms of concrete residue, using putty knife, hammer, chisel, wire brush, and broom. Sprays oil on forms to prevent concrete from sticking to form, using pressure sprayer. Assembles forms, using bolts and wrench. Places opened sided aluminum column forms on form bed in specified alignment. Positions pipe inside columns and tapes end of pipe to prevent entry of concrete, using masking tape. Attaches end pieces of forms that hold pipe and concrete when concrete is poured. Inserts metal spacers into open side of column to stabilize column sides during pouring of concrete. Signals CONCRETE-MIXING-TRUCK DRIVER (construction industry) to position mixer to fill columns. Moves discharge chute of mixer to distribute concrete. Operates electric vibrator to evacuate air bubbles and allow even distribution of concrete in column form. Disassembles and removes column form, using wrench, hammer, and chisel. Inserts and secures sleeve fittings on end of pipe, using screwdriver. Places cast columns in storage area.

Job industry: manufactured industry

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