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Cylinder Grinder: Grinder and plater Electroplates rotogravure printing cylinders with coating of copper and grinds plates to specifications, using grinding machines: Immerses cylinder in cleaning bath, using chain hoist. Removes cylinder and places cylinder in copper sulfate plating solution for prescribed period of time to cover cylinder with copper [PLATER (electroplating industry)]. Removes cylinder from plating vat, rinses in water, and fastens cylinder between centers of grinding machine, using handtools. Selects and fastens abrasive wheel onto spindle of machine. Starts machine and turns handwheels to bring abrasive wheel into contact with surface of cylinder, and to engage automatic feed. Measures dimension of cylinder surfaces during grinding and polishing operation, using micrometers to obtain required precision. Removes finished cylinder from machine and places cylinder in rack.

Job industry: printing industry

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