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Electroplating Laborer: Electroplater helper, plater helper, plating-department helper Performs any combination of following tasks to load and unload electroplating equipment or to assist PLATER (electroplating industry) 500.380-010: Fastens metal workpieces to devices, for example hooks, racks, and cathode bars, or loads workpieces in baskets or barrels. Immerses workpieces in series of cleaning, plating, pickling, and rinsing tanks, following timed cycle, manually or using hoist. Carries workpieces between conveyors that move workpieces through electroplating processes. Sets temperature dials of tanks to prescribed level. Flips switch to activate electroplating process in tanks. Removes workpieces from hooks, racks, bars, baskets, or barrels, and examines workpieces for plating defects, for example rough spots and thin plating. Dries plated workpieces, using oven, centrifugal drier, or sawdust-filled container. Packs workpieces in boxes or cartons for shipment [PACKAGER, HAND (industry) 920.587-018]. Drains solutions from and cleans and refills tanks. Removes buildup of plating metal from racks, using hammer or compressed-air vibrator, and coats racks with shellac. Replaces damaged or worn equipment parts. May also be designated according to task performed as Cleaner (electroplating industry), Rack Cleaner (electroplating industry), Racker (electroplating industry), Sawdust Drier (electroplating industry).

Job industry: electroplating industry

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