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Plate Former: Forms (treats) storage battery plates for dry charge or wet charge batteries: Positions plates on conductor base of forming tank and burns lead strips to lugs of plates [LEAD BURNER (electrical industry)]. Inserts separators between positive and negative plates to form element. Places elements in containers and attaches push-on or clamp-type jumpers to connect elements in series. Mixes forming acid solution of prescribed specific gravity. Drains solution from mixing tank into forming tanks or element containers, using hose. Connects posts of units to electrical circuit. Adjusts rheostat to regulate current, using ammeter. Removes formed plates from acid and places plates in water bath to remove electrolyte. Separates positive and negative plates, places plates [in racks, and places racks in driers. Dumps forming acid from element containers and refills containers with finishing acid. Conveys or trucks elements to final charging line.

Job industry: electrical industry

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