Refinery Operator 1: A description for the refinery operator 1 job

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Refinery Operator 1: Analyzes specifications and controls continuous operation of petroleum refining and processing units to produce products, for example gasoline, kerosene, and fuel and lubricating oils, by such methods as distillation, absorption, extraction, adsorption, thermal and catalytic cracking and reforming, polymerization, isomerization, coking, visbreaking, and alkylation: Reads processing schedules, operating logs, test results of oil samples, and laboratory recommendations to determine changes in equipment controls required to produce specified quantity and quality of product. Moves and sets controls, for example knobs, valves, switches, levers, and index arms, on control panels to control process variables, for example flows, temperatures, pressures, vacuum, time, catalyst, and chemicals, by automatic regulation and remote control of processing units, for example heaters, furnaces, compressors, exchangers, reactors, quenchers, stabilizers, fractionators, rechargers, absorbers, strippers, debutanizers, stills, and towers [CONTROL-PANEL OPERATOR (petroleum industry)]. Moves controls to regulate valves, pumps, compressors, and auxiliary equipment to direct flow of product. Reads temperature and pressure gauges and flowmeters, records readings, and compiles operating records. Determines malfunctioning units by observing control instruments, for example meters and gauges, or by automatic warning signals, for example lights and sounding of horns. Inspects equipment to determine location and nature of malfunction, for example leaks, breakages, and faulty valves. Determines need for schedules and performs repair and maintenance of equipment. Patrols unit to verify safe and efficient operating conditions. May also sample liquids and gases [SAMPLER (petroleum industry)] and test products for chemical characteristics and color [TESTER (petroleum industry)]. May also inspect and adjust furnaces, heaters, and damper controls. May also lubricate equipment. May also clean interior of processing units by circulating chemicals and solvents through them. May also treat products [TREATER (petroleum industry)]. May also control activities of several processing units operated in conjunction. May also be designated according to process involved or plant operated as Absorption Plant Operator (petroleum industry), Purification Operator (petroleum industry), Refinery Operator, Cracking Unit (petroleum industry), Refinery Operator, Polymerization Plant (petroleum industry), Refinery Operator, Reforming Unit (petroleum industry), Refinery Operator, Visbreaking (petroleum industry). May also be designated: Refinery Operator, Alkylation (petroleum industry), Refinery Operator, Coking (petroleum industry), Refinery Operator, Crude Unit (petroleum industry), Refinery Operator, Gas Plant (petroleum industry), Refinery Operator, Light-Ends Recovery (petroleum industry), Refinery Operator, Vapor Recovery Unit (petroleum industry).

Job industry: petroleum industry

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