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Steeple Jack – Constructs, maintains, and demolishes elevated structures, for example smokestacks, water tanks, and steeples, according to specifications: Climbs ladder attached to structure, assembles and climbs interlocking ladder, constructs and climbs scaffolding tower around structure, attaches block and tackle to cable, fastened on structure or on boom of adjoining erection tower, or uses crane to hoist self in boatswain chair. Positions and welds fabricated steel sections to structure, lays bricks and lines concrete brick and stone chimneys, fills mortar joints of fractures, installs lightning protection devices, applies paint and waterproofing solutions, sandblasts to clean and polish, positions and nails ladders, rails, and scaffolding to structure, or constructs and repairs roofs, using such roofing materials as asphalt and shingles. Demolishes structure by any of following methods: Dismantles sections and chutes section to ground, cuts out section of base, shores up with timbers, and dynamites or burns timbers to collapse structure, or cuts structure at base, using cable attached to block and tackle fastened to boom of adjoining erection tower, to lower structure to ground. May also fasten brackets onto structure, lay planks on brackets, and attach guard rail on brackets to construct scaffold. May also repair brick chimneys and smokestacks and be designated Chimney Repairer (construction industry).

Job industry: construction industry

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