Transformer Assembler 2: A description for the transformer assembler 2 job

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Transformer Assembler 2 – Assembles transformers according to specifications, performing any combination of following tasks: Reads work order to determine assembly procedure specified by customer. Cleans coils to remove materials accumulated during production processing. Removes accessories from coils, using screwdriver, and wraps coils with paper and tape, leaving ends of wire leads exposed. Inserts ends of wire leads of cores and coils into wire stripping machine to remove coating from wires. Inspects and twists stripped wires together by hand to join designated colored wires. Disassembles cores to facilitate attachment of coils and attaches cores to coils, using cloth tape and glue. Secures core/coils, using metal strapping, metal cutters, and band clippers. Positions wooden wedges that facilitate further processing of units in designated openings of core/coils, using rubber hammer. Turns knobs to set controls of test machine to verify that core/coils operate within specified range, attaches clips to wire leads of core/coils, and observes machine dials to determine test results. Routes defective core/coils for rework. Places component parts of terminals in press, activates press to join parts, or positions parts in fixture and joins parts, using solder and soldering iron, to fabricate terminals. Attaches terminals to core/coils, according to work order, using handtools, spacers, and soldering iron. Applies adhesive to inside of transformer case side sections. Positions and aligns wires and terminals of core/coils with openings in sections. Positions core/coil and side sections in welding machine, aligns seams of sections for welding, and presses buttons to activate welding machine to weld seams. Attaches clip probes to transformer terminals, and activates test equipment to determine whether units meet specifications. Positions, inserts, and attaches transformer parts, for example insulation panels, front and back metal covers, and base plates to complete assembly of transformers, using handtools. Stamps identification numbers on base of transformer, using metal dies and hammer. Repairs transformers with minor defects.

Job industry: electrical industry

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