Fish Roe Technician: A description for the fish roe technician job

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Fish Roe Technician: Sorts, grades, and packs egg skeins containing fish roe: Examines egg skeins (membrane-enclosed ovaries, tissue, and fish roe) for unacceptable conditions, for example immaturity, bruises, or blood saturation. Discards unacceptable skeins and places acceptable skeins in containers for weighing and to await further processing. Dissolves specified salts in water, following brining formula, tests specific gravity of solution, using hydrometer, and pours brining solution into agitation vat. Flips switches to start vat agitators, pours preweighed amount of egg skeins into vat, and turns knob on timer to set brining cycle. Feels skeins for firmness and texture to determine effect of brine on skeins. Removes processed skeins from vat, using wooden-handled seine, and places skeins in container to drain. Tests brine in vat, using hydrometer, and adds specified salts when required to maintain salinity of brining solution at specified level. Examines, grades, and separates processed egg skeins, according to factors for example color, length, and width, utilizing product experience. Selects boxes marked for prescribed grade of egg skeins, places plastic sheets across bottom of boxes as liner, and sprinkles salt over liners prior to packing skeins. Positions layers of skeins in boxes to ensure preservation and seasoning in boxes. Weighs boxes on scales after packing, and adds or removes skeins to obtain specified weight. Folds plastic liner over filled boxes, positions lids on boxes, and stacks packed boxes for storage during aging process.

Job industry: canning industry

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