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Machine Helper 2 – Performs any combination of following tasks involved in use of welding, flame cutting, and brazing machines and furnaces: Transfers workpieces, tools, and supplies. Inserts welding rods into holders, screws tips to torches, or places reels of wire onto rack and threads ends through feed rolls to help set up machine. Positions workpieces and fixtures, and clamps or bolts parts into bed of machine or onto conveyor. Removes corrosion, slag, grease, and excess flux from workpieces, using wire brush, scraper, vacuum hose, portable grinder, or chemical solution. Fills hoppers with flux or brushes flux and inserts braze or solder alloy along seams of workpiece. Turns handles or cranks to move workpieces through machine. Bolts portable machines to workpieces, using wrench. Removes finished work from machine with tongs, or hoist. Tags or marks identifying data on work pieces. Oils and cleans machines. May also cut scrap to size, using hand torch. May also be designated by machine as Brazer Helper, Furnace (welding industry), Brazer Helper, Induction (welding industry), Brazing-Machine-Operator Helper (welding industry), Flame-Cutting-Machine-Operator Helper (welding industry), Soldering-Machine-Operator Helper (welding industry), Welding-Machine-Operator Helper, Arc (welding industry), Welding-Machine-Operator Helper, Gas (welding industry).

Job industry: welding industry

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