Regulator Inspector: A description for the regulator inspector job

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Regulator Inspector – Inspects, tests, and maintains voltage regulators and auxiliary equipment that control line voltage within specified range: Tightens connections and replaces defective regulator parts, for example motor controls, fuses, or capacitors. Observes readings and calculates line-drop compensator settings which allow for resistance and reactance voltage drops in primary feeder and main circuits. Adjusts line-drop compensators and reads meters to sustain voltage within specified range. Computes electrical characteristics, for example impedance, power factor, and phase angle. Oils moving parts of regulator and changes oil in motor-bearing housings. Files contact points to remove carbon and provide smooth surface for electrical contact. Clips voltmeter to regulator and records voltage on inspection report. Sends defective motors and parts to repair department. May also make voltmeter and ammeter tests on transmission lines and auxiliary equipment. Compiles service report indicating parts replaced and corrections made in voltage range and transformer ratios. May also order replacement parts to replenish inventories. May also set regulator to deliver specified constant voltage before removing motor for repair to avoid interruption to service.

Job industry: power industry

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