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Prize Coordinator: Coordinates use of assorted merchandise for prizes on television game shows: Verifies receipt and accuracy of manufacturer’s contract guaranteeing availability of promised merchandise. Sends contract to network for approval. Prepares and sends details of contract (fact sheet), with mounted pictures of manufacturer’s products (flip cards), to production company for approval. Inspects flip cards and display merchandise before show is taped to verify their match with prepared script. Views taping of shows to verify promotional use of merchandise and records each episode’s winners. Writes status reports for all merchandise used on shows, including amount of contestants’ gratuitous awards and type and retail value of merchandise advertised and won during each episode. Obtains contestants’ signatures on contestant prize forms after each show and gives written rules and instructions to winners for receiving and using prizes. Notifies manufacturers, or their representatives, of date taped show will be telecast, including names of winners and prizes awarded. Contacts manufacturers to assist winners in resolving complaints about prizes. May also solicit use of manufacturer’s product. May also assist production company in selecting prizes for each taped episode.

Job industry: broadcasting industry

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