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Supervisor 3: Plater supervisor Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in cleaning, racking, plating, and polishing of metal or plastic objects: Selects equipment, for example hooks, plating barrels or tanks, and racks, according to quantity, size, and type of objects to be plated. Verifies types of plating metals and solutions, length of immersion period, and amount of electric current flowing through solutions, following plating specifications. Assigns tasks to workers and processes paperwork, for example timecards and supply, production and personnel reports. Resolves personnel problems and expedites production bottlenecks to meet deadlines and production schedules. Inspects plated surfaces of objects to detect defects, for example rough spots, thin plating, and unpolished areas. Collects and labels samples of plating solutions for laboratory analysis. Examines equipment, for example plating tanks, polishers, and racks, and notifies maintenance department of needed repairs. May also analyze plating solutions to verify conformance to specifications, performing variety of tests, for example specific gravity and titration tests. May also measure thickness of plating on metal objects, using micrometer, to verify conformance to specifications. May also be designated according to specific process supervised as Supervisor, Anodizing (electroplating industry), Supervisor, Electrolytic Tinning (primary industry). Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR (industry) Master Title.

Job industry: electroplating industry

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