Log Grader: A description for the log grader job

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Log Grader: Grades logs in sorting yard, millpond, or log deck according to industry or company standards: Measures diameter and length of log, using scale stick, steel tape, or other measuring aid, and determines total volume, using conversion table [LOG SCALER (logging industry) (wood industry) (pulp and paper industry) (sawmill and planing mill)]. Jabs log with metal end of scale stick and inspects log to ascertain conditions or defects, for example sound or water-soaked wood, splits, broken ends, rotten areas, twists, and curves. Evaluates log’s characteristics and determines grade according to established criteria. Paints identification mark of specified color on log to identify grade and species, using paint spray can, or calls out grade to LOG MARKER (logging industry). Estimates and deducts volume of waste wood from total volume, and records volume by grade in tally book.

Job industry: logging industry sawmill and planing mill

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