Underwater Hunter Trapper: A description for the underwater hunter trapper job

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Underwater Hunter Trapper: Hunter, skin diver Collects and captures sea life specimens, for example finfish, shellfish, and mammals working individually or as member of crew, using skin-diving equipment: Dives or walks into sea and swims underwater to scout terrain and reach work area. Twists, cuts, and tears specimens, for example abalone, starfish, or sponge, from surface to which attached, and places specimens in container. Catches finfish and shellfish, using net. Signals boat crew to hoist container or net to surface. Places nets underwater to capture sea mammals, for example whales, porpoises, and dolphins. Stands watch to observe behavior of captured mammals. Swims in, around, and under nets to free captive and other quarry caught in net and to prevent injury, escape, or drowning. Restrains mammal with arms or nets, and rigs net or sling under catch to permit hoisting without bodily injury.

Job industry: fishing industry

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