Mash Tub Cooker Operator: A description for the mash tub cooker operator job

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Mash Tub Cooker Operator: Cooker Controls equipment to cook grain meal to prepare mash for fermentation process prior to distillation into alcohol, gin, or whiskey: Fills cooker with water and opens valves to admit steam that circulates through pipes in vat and heats water to specified temperature. Pumps ground meal from meal tank into hopper, balanced on scale, to weigh specified amount and turns handwheels to regulate flow of meal into cooker. Starts revolving blades in cooker to agitate mixture as it cooks. Observes temperature gauges to ascertain temperature of mixture in cooker and turns valves to increase or decrease temperature. Cooks mash for specified time and pumps cooked mash into cooling tub. Pumps cooled mash into fermenting tank. Opens valves to admit compressed air, through perforated pipes at bottom of fermenting tank, to keep meal in suspension as it flows from cooling tub into fermenting tank.

Job industry: beverage industry

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