Electroslag Welding Machine Operator: A description for the electroslag welding machine operator job

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Electroslag Welding Machine Operator – Operates electroslag welding machine, which uses heat produced by resistance of molten flux to electrical current, to fuse metal components: Places metal components in fixture and tightens holding braces, using wrench. Turns dials to start cooling water supply and to activate power sources and control cabinet. Turns knobs to set voltage, wire feed speed, and welding current, according to welding charts and work orders. Presses automatic cycle button to strike arc and start welding process. Adds premeasured flux to joint to create molten flux pool of specified depth. Turns control to start oscillation. Listens for change in sound of welding process or measures flux pool depth, using steel rod, to determine if additional flux is required. Adds flux throughout welding cycle to maintain stable operation. Observes electrode wire feed to ensure that wire enters and melts in flux. Presses button to stop welding current, power supply, and wire feed. Removes copper weld retaining shoes, using hammer. May also remove tabs containing accumulated flux, using oxy fuel or arc cutting equipment. May also inspect welded joints for defects, and fills holes, using arc welding equipment. May also remove slag, using oxy fuel torch. Important variations are fabrication requirements, weldment design, quality, construction site facilities, and type of electroslag equipment (single-wire nonoscillating, double-wire oscillating, and multiwire oscillating).

Job industry: welding industry

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