Resistance Welding Machine Operator: A description for the resistance welding machine operator job

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Resistance Welding Machine Operator – Sets up and operates resistance welding machine to join metal parts, according to blueprints, work orders, or oral instructions: Turns machine dials to set air and hydraulic pressure, amperage, and joining time, according to specified type of metal, weld, and assembly. May also select, install, and adjust electrodes. Aligns workpieces, using square and rule. May also hold pieces together manually, fasten into jigs, or secure with clamps to align in specified assembly position. Holds part between electrodes or positions on machine worktable. Depresses pedal or pulls trigger to close electrodes and form weld at point of contact. Releases pedal or trigger after specified welding time. Cleans electrodes, using file, tip dresser, emery cloth. May also operate machine which automatically releases electrodes from metal after welding cycle. May also devise and build fixtures to hold pieces. May also inspect finished work. May also operate machine equipped with two or more electrodes which weld at several points simultaneously. Important variations include types of joints welded (seam, spot, butt) and types of materials welded (aluminum, steel). May also be designated according to type of resistance-welding machine operated as Flash-Welding-Machine Operator (welding industry), Percussion-Welding-Machine Operator (welding industry), Projection-Welding-Machine Operator (welding industry), Upset-Welding-Machine Operator (welding industry).

Job industry: welding industry

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